Guest Bloggers Welcome

I’m excited about having guest bloggers participate in Places Off The Map. However, it’s important that you know what this website is about and what types of posts I’m looking for.

In today’s world, no place can be completely off the map. I recognize that even the most remote location may have a website, some press coverage, and can be found through a Google search. “Off the Map” implies out in the boondocks. That is the most likely case, but not a requirement. One of my favorite places is a small downtown park with a great story. But the tourist literature completely overlooks it, and the locals ignore it. The key is: “Would anyone bother to search for this place?”

Your Guest Post Should Be Relevant: I’m looking to share with people who roam the US, most likely, but not necessarily, in an RV, looking for unusual and unknown places. The place should have a story, and your post should make me want to go there.

Your Guest Post Should Be Well Written: If you are writing blog posts and other things, I assume you are competent in your mother tongue and proud enough of your work to produce a quality product. There certainly is enough spelling and grammar checking software available to help you. I expect posts to demonstrate a good command of language, grammar, punctuation, organization, clarity, style, and tone. I don’t expect perfection, but you shouldn’t expect me to edit, rework, and clean up your post. It always behooves a guest poster to provide a nice, clean, error-free document since it will contain your by-line.

Your Guest Post Should Be Unique and Reflect Your Personality: Try to write with a fresh perspective and speak from the heart. A post that is just content that anyone can find online is not all that fascinating.

Provide an original post: It’s fine to take a great post you’ve already written and tweak it a bit to be just right for this blog. Once it’s on my blog, if you want to repost it somewhere else, please credit the original post on my blog and provide a link back to it.

Please contact me first with your idea, before you send me a post. No, I do not pay for guest posts.

Editorial Guidelines:

ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY: Post must have in the title and/or the first standalone paragraph: THE LOCATION!! I have read too many blog posts that tell me an incredible story about Magnificent Mountain but leave me to guess whether it is in Montana or Mississippi.

1) Accurate GPS coordinates of the entrance – use Google Maps “What’s here” function. I should be able to drive to these coordinates.
2) The state
3) City and street address (with a note if this does not coincide with the GPS coordinates) and, of course, the proper, published name.

I prefer posts with a story, not brief tidbits that don’t have much to share. Aim for 800-1,200 words. Submit as an attached Word doc or doc.x.

Include an author bio with your guest post as the last paragraph. You can and should have links to your website, blog, social media, or wherever readers can find you and connect with you. A jpeg headshot is a good idea. Better you pick the one you like. If you use a picture of your dog in your profile, forget it!

An “If You Go” sidebar with information about travel mileage and directions is appreciated; include information about close-by restaurants, hotels, RV Parks.

Pictures are great but be sure to include a list of captions and indicate in the body of the post where you want them inserted.

Please DO NOT put HTML tags in your Word doc. I will have to remove them all since I have style parameters already in place.

I reserve the right to make editorial changes to your post so that it’s a better fit for my blog and audience. I will not change content or meaning.

So let me hear from you! I appreciate you wanting to share your thoughts and experiences with fellow roamers.