Famous places are just that – famous. They have been visited, photographed, and written about thousands of times. If I get to visit one, I will. But I feel no urge to add to the mountain of words and pictures that already exist.
My favorite activity is finding, visiting, and writing about little-known places. My greatest compliment comes when someone asks “How did you ever find that place?” So it seems natural to make it the theme of my website and to invite other roamers like me to contribute.
The history of unknown places and the ordinary people who live(d) there intrigues me. We know the stories of the famous heroes. They are famous because they got to write the history books. The places, people, and events that are not in the history books are what I want this website to be about.
We’ll see where this leads. Welcome to “Places Off The Map.”


I came late to travel writing. After retiring from a career in research and development with the military and defense industry, I took up roaming the US full-time in my RV. For six years, I have been capturing experiences and places in words and pictures. I maintain a travel blog and have articles published in magazines and e-zines relating to travel, RVing, and history.  See clips here.
I decided to venture into ‘professional’ travel writing as a way to give my experiences a wider audience, to force myself to sharpen my writing skills, and to possibly earn a few bucks to defray expenses. My reading about writing says “you have to have a website and engage in social media”. I guess that means I have to learn about building a website. No, I am not going to contract this out. I don’t learn anything that way. So this website is my attempt to learn how to build a website. It will evolve as I do. Please excuse the simplicity and the rough edges while I climb the learning curve.